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Chicago’s Top 10 Forced Carry Golf Shots

In real life, when faced with dangerous situations humans and other critters have three choices: run, fight, or hide. However, there are occasions out on the links when the twisted mind of cruel golf course architects provide just one alternative -- the forced carry -- golfers can't go under, they can't go around, they must go over.In this war between golfers versus … [Read More...]

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The Cotton 2.0 Golf Shirt

If you've finally upgraded your wardrobe of golf shirts to the moisture-wicking kind composed primarily of polyester fabric, you're not alone. It seems virtually … [Read More...]

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Top 10 Toughest Golf Course Greens in Chicagoland

As the number of daylight hours diminishes, the temperature plummets, and winter closes the books on another golf season, I was looking back at my personal golf statistics and wondered which public greens were the toughest to putt. Answering this question … [Read More...]


How to Overcome Your Bad Golf Swing Habits

Bad habits in the golf swing are a pain.  They creep in without most people even being aware.  They know something is wrong with their golf swing because they are not getting the results they want, but they don’t have a clue how to fix it.  They try tip after … [Read More...]


Western Open Golf Tournament

For over 100 years, the Western Open was considered Chicago's professional golf tournament. First played in 1899 at The Glen View Club, the Western Open in 2006 was the 3rd oldest active PGA Tour tournament, after the British Open (began 1860) and U.S. Open … [Read More...]