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3 Fatal Golf Misconceptions

As a PGA professional, I've given over 10,000 golf lessons to players of all ages and skill levels. With that experience comes lots of different assumptions or misconceptions that my students have about the golf swing. Here are a few common misconceptions or "mis-cup-ceptions" that I hear quite often that cause you to miss the cup.1. “You have to hit down on chips to make … [Read More...]

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SuperSpeed Golf Goes Supersonic at 2015 PGA Show

SuperSpeed Golf, an offshoot of Lincoln Park-based Catalyst Golf Performance, evolved out of a need to squeeze more speed out of their client-athletes. Long Drivers, such as ReMax World Long Drive Competitor Connor Powers, rely on their Herculean swing speeds … [Read More...]


How Many Strokes Is Confidence Worth?

How much is confidence worth on the golf course? One of the main obstacles to success in any area of life is low self-confidence. On the golf course, low confidence makes us doubt our abilities and prevents us from executing or even taking shots we can … [Read More...]