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ben_witterBen Witter is a real life survivor with two loves – family and golf. He’s also a well known golf trick shot artist from Lebanon County, Pennsylvania who has helped promote the game of golf around the world for over twenty years. However, Ben’s life is once again being threatened by cancer.

After graduating college, Ben Witter’s dream was to play golf on the PGA Tour. But right around that time he found out that he had cancer of the salivary gland, which is an exceptionally rare type of cancer, that affects about one in 100,000 thousand people.

During his initial recovery from cancer, Ben continued to focus on golf to help keep his spirits up. He eventually turned that passion into a career, traveling the world as a popular golf trick shot artist.

Ben’s stunts became legendary for their uniqueness. He can hit a golf ball from his knees, or with a nine foot long driver, while stranding on an exercise ball. His trick shots delighted audiences around the world and helped raise money for hundreds of charitable organizations.

Despite the growing success of his golf career, the ravages of cancer would not stop. Ben eventually lost part of his lung, half of his jaw and his nasal cavity. Despite these setbacks to his body, Ben has continued to persevere.

However, Ben’s own challenges were compounded even more when he learned that his 16 year-old daughter Gabby contracted cancer as well. She’s suffering from a bone cancer in her ribs. Thankfully, her prognosis is good.

Unfortunately, now at 47 years old, Ben’s cancer is back and his prognosis is not good. Despite having beaten cancer multiple times over the majority of his life, Ben has maintained a positive outlook. He’s grateful for the experiences in his life and being able to touch thousands of people with his gift of golf.

Now a local organization is looking to help give back to Ben by establishing a viral fundraising program with 100% of the proceeds going to Ben’s family to help with the costs of his cancer treatment. Ben has been unable to work due to debilitating pain from a brain tumor that has caused many issues. This fundraiser has been established to try to help Ben’s family cope and have one less stress to deal with through this most difficult time.

To make a donation, visit To help increase donations and honor Ben’s life as a master trick shot artist, supporting local businesses are providing incentives based on your level of donation:

  • Reach $75 in pledges and get a $25 Visa Gift Card.
  • Reach $300 in pledges and you ALSO get a FREE Hybrid, your choice of loft and shaft flex.
  • Reach $600 in pledges and you ALSO get 8-6 oz. Filet Mignon Steaks.
  • Reach $1,250 in pledges and you ALSO get a new pair of golf shoes.
  • Reach $1,750 in pledges and you ALSO get a brand new driver. Your choice of loft and shaft flex.
  • Reach $3,000 in pledges and you will ALSO receive a set of irons to go with everything else.
  • The person who brings in the most pledges over $5,000 will ALSO win 3 days/2 nights for 2 people including airfare to the Tropicana Resort in Las Vegas with dinner at the Biscayne Steakhouse and great show tickets.


After you have made your donation, please visit the Hit One For Ben Facebook page. LIKE it, SHARE it and make a little video clip of yourself doing something crazy that might better the game of golf and make people smile.

Do your best to perform your own trick shot, sink a long putt, throw a club in the water or just dance to some music! Just have fun, enjoy yourself, it doesn’t matter if you are not a golfer. It is a celebration of Ben’s life and friendship for people everywhere.


Walter Lis

Walter Lis is the managing editor of Chicago Golf Report, which launched in 2010.

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