Markus Westerberg from deWiz Golf

Our guest this episode on The Chicago Golf Report podcast is Markus Westerberg from deWiz Golf, a wearable swing analyzer that provides comprehensive swing analysis, real-time audio coaching, and deWiz’s patented biofeedback. Top Tour pros including Annika Sorenstam, Vijay Singh and Byrson deChambeau use deWiz to improve their games by using the immediate data and feedback by this revolutionary device.

Using deWiz’s swing data, you can optimize your swing to add length, hit more fairways, and dial in wedges. Unlike other technology that focuses on output data with impact metrics and ball flight, deWiz delivers groundbreaking data of your actual swing, which can help you more consistently hit the ball longer, straighter, and closer.

In this conversation with Markus we talk about:

  • Why 50,000 hours of research, testing and development helped were required to create the groundbreaking deWiz
  • What it takes to create a product that is beneficial for the golf instructor and also the golfer
  • The part of the swing that controls the length of the shot
  • How the deWiz can help identify and refine your gap distances between clubs
  • How top professionals like Annika Sorenstam use the deWiz to refine their game
  • Why biofeedback alerts can provide a more efficient way to recognize necessary swing adjustments
  • How deWiz is able to provide an immediate, accurate avatar of your golf swing from a simple device on your wrist
  • What the future could look like for deWiz in golf and in other sports


Walter Lis

Walter Lis is the managing editor of Chicago Golf Report. Launched in 2010, Chicago Golf Report is the most visited website on Chicago golf and is one of the top ten most popular local golf websites in the country. We are a digital-only news and information resource covering everything golf in Chicago and its suburbs, providing the latest news about local golf facilities, golf events, golf instruction and even golf business.

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