Product Review: Tour Aim Alignment Aid

Now that the holidays are behind us and we have survived the discomforts of another winter storm in Chicago, we can shift our attention to the upcoming golf season. And here is a product that can get your 2023 golf season started in the right direction. Literally. It’s the Tour Aim target alignment aid.

Tour Aim alignment aid

Tour Aim alignment aid

Proper target alignment and aim is the first step in the golf swing. If you are not properly aligned to your target your golf shot is doomed before you even swing. Starting with the tee shot on the first hole and ending with the final putt on hole number eighteen, there are 72 instances for scratch golfers when alignment and aim are important; that number is (significantly) higher for rank amateur golfers. The Tour Aim alignment aid by Tour Aim is the one tool that can assist golfers in all phases — long shots, short shots, and putting — for those 72 or more times in their round when alignment and aim are fundamental.

Tour Aim alignment sticks

Tour Aim alignment sticks

The Tour Aim alignment aid is a solid board 14″ long x 3 1/2″ tall x 7/16″ thick, weighing approximately one-half pound with holes drilled for inserting standard 48″ alignment sticks. The ingenious design of the Tour Aim device enables this aid to be used for putting, chipping, and full-swing alignment training, and works for both right-handed and left-handed golfers. Furthermore, the Tour Aim unit can be used on any surface — grass, astroturf, carpeting, etc.

Assembling the Tour Aim alignment aid for use is as easy as 1-2-3. With the board parallel to the ground and the logo pointing skyward, slide a 48″ alignment stick through the white hole at each edge of the bottom of the board; then slide the third alignment stick through the hole in center arch of the ‘mouse hole cutout’ in the middle of the board. Lay the assembly on the ground with the middle stick in the forward position pointing at the target, and the two parallel guide sticks in the rear position.

For chipping and pitching practice, the two parallel guide sticks in the rear position will be moved inward closer together from the edges, now situated adjacent to the arch cutout; the middle stick remains in the forward position pointing toward the target.

With the use of a fourth 48″ alignment stick, the Tour Aim alignment board can also be used as a guide for proper full-swing takeaway and follow-through paths. The face of the board (logo pointing up) has two angled holes labeled “W” (woods) and “I” (irons). For use as a follow-through guide, after adding a fourth alignment stick into the “W” or “I” opening, the place the board with four inserted sticks on the ground in a position ahead of the ball. To use Tour Aim as takeaway guidance, place the assembly behind the ball. It is recommended to always place the ball 2 to 3 feet from the board to avoid striking the board accidentally with the clubhead.


Tour Aim driver takeaway

Your putting aim and putting stroke can also be improved by use of the Tour Aim board. With the board perpendicular to the ground and the logo pointing back toward your trailing hip, slide one 48″ alignment stick through the closest hole on either side of the arch cutout at the bottom of the board; then slide the third alignment stick through the hole above the center arch cutout in the middle of the board.

Tour Aim putting alignment

Tour Aim putting alignment

The two alignment sticks on the ground should extend on both sides of the board enabling the board to remain upright, perpendicular to the ground. The third alignment stick, situated about 3″ above ground, should extend through the top hole with percentages of the top alignment stick fore and aft of the board. The forward portion of the stick points toward the target, while the rear portion of the top alignment stick acts as the swing path guide for the putting stroke. Placing the ball close to the arch opening makes for an easier putt; for a greater challenge move the ball further away from the arch opening.

Currently dozens of teaching pros around the world are using Tour Aim to improve their games and the games of their students. Tour Aim’s philosophy is: Aim Better |Play Better | Score Better!

The Tour Aim alignment board is sold without alignment sticks; alignment sticks are sold separately, but can be ordered together with the Tour Aim board. Additional product information and the ordering form can be found at


Greg Miles

Greg Miles has been a writer following golf in Chicago since 1990. For the past 30 years he has been a member of the Golf Writers Association of America and currently is classified as a GWAA "Life Member". He played his first round of golf on his 11th birthday, and since then has played more than 7,300 rounds of golf in his lifetime at 517 different courses. He has interviewed more than 280 golfers across all the professional tours along with famous celebrity golfers. Additionally, he is a member of several other competitive and honorary golf associations, as well as the Golf Nut Society.

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