Suzy Whaley of Golf Nation

Our guest this episode of The Chicago Golf Report podcast is the President of Golf Nation, Suzy Whaley.

Recognized as a “Top 50 Teacher in America” and the first female President of the PGA of America, Suzy Whaley is a former LPGA Tour player and PGA Tour event competitor, the Director of Instruction at The Country Club at Mirasol, and golf commentator for ESPN and Siriusxm.

In this interview we discuss:

  • What is Golf Nation: a 360-degree golf channel that focuses on the lifestyle, travel, instruction, and enjoyment of the game.
  • How viewers can purchase products and donate to charities directly while watching.
  • Why Golf Nation is passionate about using their platform to raise money for charities and tell the stories of those making a difference in the golf community.
  • How the network aims to reach a broader audience through partnerships with popular golf personalities.
  • Why golf is more than just the sport itself and includes fashion, food, and other lifestyle aspects to make golf more inclusive and appealing.
  • Why Suzy is optimistic about the future of golf and sees positive signs like increased course openings and rising salaries for golf professionals.
  • What the future of golf might look like with innovative concepts like TopGolf, Drive Shack and new women’s tours.
  • Why she loves the one-on-one connection with her students and the journey of helping them improve.
  • The impact of the mentorship she received from top golf professionals and the importance of paying it forward.

Walter Lis

Walter Lis is the managing editor of Chicago Golf Report. Launched in 2010, Chicago Golf Report is the most visited website on Chicago golf and is one of the top ten most popular local golf websites in the country. We are a digital-only news and information resource covering everything golf in Chicago and its suburbs, providing the latest news about local golf facilities, golf events, golf instruction and even golf business.

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