Technology and Style From Sport Haley

sport-haley-headerGolf is a game where technology is continually at war with history and nostalgia. Take a quick look at the early equipment used in the game of golf and you’ll find golf clubs made with hickory shafts and golf balls made with leather and boiled goose feathers.

Despite the constant battle, technology typically wins the majority of the battles because the game needs to evolve. Thankfully, the majority of golf apparel that we wear is lighter, more comfortable and looks better than ever before.

Take the new spring collection from Sport Haley, which is a women’s specific golf clothing company that was originally founded in 1986. I’m a big fan of their Haley Cool fabric, which has cooling yarns so the fabric not only has wicking properties but is actually cool to the touch. It’s a high performing fabric that’s perfect for hot, humid conditions on the golf because it provides UPF 30 protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

The shirt that I tested was the Amanda Printed V-Neck Polo, which features a collar and open v-neck top that provides a great deal of breathing room and flexibility. This printed polo offers a beautiful design that translates well on and off the golf course.

sporthaley-BURCHBLUEFor someone like myself who spends hours of the day in the sun and heat, I truly respect clothing like this from Sport Haley that retains a crisp, clean look despite the conditions. The combination of the moisture-wicking fabric and the classy style of this v-neck have made it one of my favorites so far this season.

The product certainly reflects the company’s target female customer who wants to look modern without looking trendy. The styling is active-wear inspired, form fitting yet body conscious, contemporary, comfortable and self-assured.

In a sport where technology is constantly pushing the evolution of the game, Sport Haley’s designs make sense to the modern woman. Their fashion golf apparel and outerwear is available at country clubs and resorts around the world.

You can learn more about their Spring 2015 collection on the Sport Haley website.



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