Allbirds Men’s Golf Dashers Shoes

The world of golf has just gotten a whole lot more interesting with the arrival of Allbirds’ Men’s Golf Dashers. As a brand, Allbirds is known for pushing the boundaries of sustainable fashion, and their latest offering is no exception. But it’s not just about looking good – these shoes are built to perform. So what can you expect from the Golf Dashers, and are they worth adding to your golfing arsenal?

Allbirds Men’s Golf Dashers Review

Golf and environmentalism might seem like unlikely bedfellows, but the Allbirds Men’s Golf Dashers pledged to marry the two. I laced up these innovative spikeless golf shoes, curious to see if they’d meet my high expectations for both comfort and sustainability.

If you’re in the market for some golf footwear that performs and is comfortable, you’re likely wondering about the Golf Dashers. Let me tell you, I’ve got the inside scoop from my own experience, and I’m ready to share the details.

Features and Benefits

Golf is all about focus and control, but it’s hard to maintain that mental edge when your feet are sweaty and uncomfortable. The Allbirds Men’s Golf Dashers change that, thanks to their breathable eucalyptus fiber upper that keeps you cool and dry all round long.

Want to dominate the competition? Start with the right footwear. The SweetFoam midsole, crafted from sugarcane, provides the ultimate combo of cushioning and support. Say goodbye to foot fatigue and hello to peak performance.

Comfort and Fit

The comfort of the Golf Dashers is truly exceptional. With a soft, sock-like fit, your feet will feel snug without feeling constricted.

I was impressed by how quickly I could slip into the Golf Dashers and the comfort they provided before, during and after my round. The merino wool lining is the real MVP here, providing cushioning and moisture-wicking properties that kept my feet dry and blister-free from start to finish.

Traction and Stability

Course etiquette may dictate no spikes, but the Allbirds Men’s Golf Dashers found a workaround. Their natural rubber outsole showcases a sophisticated tread pattern, guaranteed to steady your step on uneven lies and wet days, giving you the confidence to take on any hole.

Allbirds Men's Golf Dashers

Allbirds Men’s Golf Dashers

Lateral swings can be a challenge, but these shoes have got you covered, offering a sturdy midsole and a comfortable, snug fit around the midfoot and heel that keeps you stable and in control.


After a few rounds, I can attest to the durability of the Golf Dashers. The eucalyptus fiber upper has held up well against the wear and tear of the course, showing no signs of premature damage.

I’ve put these shoes through their paces, and so far, the natural rubber outsole has been a highlight. It’s coping well with the demands I’ve placed on it, and I’m hopeful that it’ll continue to deliver for many rounds to come.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Materials

I was been drawn to the Allbirds Men’s Golf Dashers for a host of reasons, including the company’s eco-friendly approach. By using sustainable materials in their golf shoes, Allbirds is making it easier for golfers like me to reduce their environmental footprint.

Merino Wool Lining

Imagine slipping into a pair of Golf Dashers, feeling the softness of the merino wool lining against your skin. It’s not just comfortable – it’s also highly functional, wicking away moisture and resisting odors. And as a bonus, the merino wool is harvested from sheep in a way that doesn’t harm them.

Returns on sustainability are multiplying as Allbirds elects to incorporate merino wool, minimizing reliance on synthetic materials in the manufacturing process.

Natural Rubber Outsole

The outsole of the Allbirds Men’s Golf Dashers is made from natural rubber, a renewable resource that is harvested from rubber trees. Unlike synthetic rubber, which is derived from petroleum, natural rubber is a more eco-friendly alternative.

Allbirds sources its rubber from FSC-certified forests, ensuring that the trees are harvested responsibly and the ecosystem is protected.

Sugarcane-Based Midsole

Allbirds has developed a proprietary midsole material called SweetFoam, which is made from sugarcane-derived green EVA. This bio-based material reduces the shoe’s carbon footprint compared to traditional EVA foams.

SweetFoam’s use of sugarcane is a game-changer for footwear manufacturing. This incredibly renewable resource grows rapidly and efficiently, making it a much more sustainable choice for producers.

Performance on the Golf Course

I laced up the Allbirds Men’s Golf Dashers for a recent golf outing to see how my feet would feel after a full day of golf and post-event dinner. With eco-friendliness already a win, I put their performance to the test, scrutinizing cushioning, stability, and breathability.

Cushioning and Support

The secret to my stride in the Golf Dashers lies in the responsive SweetFoam midsole. It dissipates shock, keeps my feet from getting weary, and enables me to maintain my A-game from start to finish.

Courses can be long, but with shoes that offer reliable arch support, you’ll be cruising through the back nine in no time. This extra support keeps your feet happy and healthy all day long.

Grip and Stability

The natural rubber outsole of the Allbirds Men’s Golf Dashers features a well-designed tread pattern that provides reliable traction on various course conditions. Whether I was navigating damp fairways or hilly lies, the shoes maintained a secure grip, giving me the confidence to swing freely.

The wide, stable base provided me with rock-solid footing during swings, allowing me to unleash my full power and precision.


The eucalyptus fiber upper of the Golf Dashers is highly breathable, allowing air to circulate and keep my feet cool and dry. Even during hot and humid rounds, I didn’t experience any excessive sweating or discomfort.

The secret to my happy feet? The merino wool lining, which worked tirelessly to absorb moisture and keep odor at bay, ensuring my feet stayed fresh all day long.

Styling and Versatility

Welcome to the modern era of golf shoes. The Allbirds Men’s Golf Dashers has stepped away from the norm, combining innovative performance features with a fresh, stylish design. Whether you’re lacing up for a tournament or a casual round with friends, these shoes are the perfect fit.

Casual Look

Allbirds Men's Golf Dashers

Allbirds Men’s Golf Dashers

There’s more to the Golf Dashers than meets the eye. Beyond their sleek, minimalist design lies a shoe that’s crafted for golfers who crave both performance and style.

I appreciate the ability to transition seamlessly from the 18th green to post-round activities without having to change my shoes.

Color Options

Looking to add some personality to your golf game? Allbirds has got you covered with the Men’s Golf Dashers, available in a range of bold, eye-catching hues. From timeless whites and navies to bold greens and reds, these shoes let you express yourself on the course.

Off-Course Wearability

I’m obsessed with my Allbirds Men’s Golf Dashers – they’re the perfect combination of comfort and style. Whether I’m hitting the links or just running errands, these shoes are my go-to choice.

Why settle for a shoe that’s only good for one thing? These shoes can do it all – from casual walks to golf outings to office wear. And their multi-purpose design makes them a fantastic value for golfers who want one reliable pair to handle it all.

Sizing and Fit Tips

Finding the perfect golf shoes online can be a challenge, especially when you can’t try them on. That’s why we’re sharing our top tips for finding the perfect fit with the Allbirds Men’s Golf Dashers – and enjoying a more comfortable, confident game.

True to Size

In my experience, the Golf Dashers run true to size. I ordered my usual size, and the shoes fit perfectly right out of the box.

Before you click “buy,” make sure you’re getting the right fit. Allbirds’ website has a detailed size guide with measurements for every size, so you can shop with confidence.

Wide Feet Considerations

If you have particularly wide feet, you may want to consider sizing up in the Golf Dashers. While the shoes have a comfortable, accommodating fit, they may feel slightly snug for those with wider feet.

Going up half a size can provide extra room in the toe box and midfoot area, ensuring a more comfortable fit.

Break-In Period

One of the standout features of the Allbirds Men’s Golf Dashers is the minimal break-in period required. Thanks to the soft, flexible materials and the comfortable lining, these shoes feel great right out of the box.

I didn’t experience any rubbing, chafing, or blisters during my first few rounds, which is a testament to the shoe’s comfort and fit.

Comparison to Other Golf Shoes

When considering the Allbirds Men’s Golf Dashers, it’s helpful to compare them to other popular golf shoe options on the market. Here’s how they stack up against spikeless alternatives and traditional spiked golf shoes:

Spikeless Alternatives

Golfers, listen up. If you’re in the market for a top-notch spikeless golf shoe, you owe it to yourself to check out the Golf Dashers. They stack up nicely against the competition, including the Adidas Codechaos and Ecco S-Lite, with their eco-friendly design, maximum comfort, and fashion-forward style.

Spikeless options from top brands deliver traction and stability on par with the best in the business.

Traditional Spiked Golf Shoes

Compared to traditional spiked golf shoes, the Allbirds Men’s Golf Dashers offer a more lightweight and flexible feel. While spiked shoes may provide slightly more traction on wet or hilly courses, the Golf Dashers’ natural rubber lugs provide optimal balance and grip in most conditions.

Golfers who value all-day comfort and versatility will love the Golf Dashers, a shoe that checks all the right boxes.


Certainly, the $145 price point of the Allbirds Men’s Golf Dashers may seem steep, but one glance at the materials, the eco-friendly design, and the snug fit, and you’ll understand why they’re worth every penny. In a market saturated with cheap alternatives, these golf shoes stand tall.


The Allbirds Men’s Golf Dashers have proven to be a game-changer in the world of golf footwear. By combining comfort, performance, and sustainability, Allbirds has created a shoe that not only enhances your golfing experience but also reduces your environmental impact.

What sets the Golf Dashers apart is the attention to detail. Take the merino wool lining, for instance – it’s not just breathable, it’s also moisture-wicking, so your feet stay cool and dry. And with a natural rubber outsole providing stability and traction, you can focus on your game. Oh, and they look great too.

Whether you’re a low handicapper or just love hitting the links on the weekends, the Allbirds Men’s Golf Dashers are a top contender for your feet. With their eco-friendly vibes and laser-like focus on performance, you can feel good about looking good on the course.


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