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devereux_christinaoBeing able to play a round of golf is always a wonderful privilege, but certain events and certain courses change the experience into something a little more special. The game of golf takes on an entirely different feeling when you’re preparing to play in a big event or on an elite-level golf course.

Your pre-round preparation for those special days is different as well. You might load up our bag with your best golf balls or get to the course a little earlier. You’ll also probably put a little more thought and effort into what you’re going to wear on this special day.

A round of golf like this is what Devereux’s Spring 2015 Christina O Collection of golf sportswear was designed for. Devereux makes beautiful golf apparel that fits well and looks incredible. The new Christina O Collection continues this tradition by incorporating the recent trend of peaceful nautical colors such as pebble blues, vegetation sage, and flesh- and sand-colored apricots.

These new designs provide a sense of relaxation and comfort, which is extremely important when you’re preparing for a big round. The fabric and design are also top-notch, making these Devereux shirts an excellent complement to any golf swing. Devereux uses pima cotton in their polos not only because it’s softer than regular cotton, it’s also more durable.

devereux-LUNA-SAGEThe Argo – Apricot version that I tested is the collection’s most detailed shirt. Featuring a hidden button-down collar and self fabric piping, this shirt fits in well at any sophisticated golf course. This is an incredibly well manufactured shirt with advanced fabric that would still be ready for a night on the town, even after playing 18 holes.

The added benefit of wearing a shirt from Devereux’s Spring 2015 Christina O Collection is the boost in confidence that you’ll feel knowing you look great. A special round creates a special feeling and the most suitable way to be at your best is to boost your self confidence in every way possible.

A great golf shirt won’t directly lower you handicap, but it can improve your attitude and provide positive feelings on the course. Some rounds are a little more special, which is why looking your best in the right environment can make all the difference in the world.

The Devereux collection can be found at better clubs, resorts & specialty retailers abroad. To view the collection, visit



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