Eat, Drink and Be Murray with Chef Andy Murray

Our guest this episode on The Chicago Golf Report podcast is Chef Andy Murray, author of the book Eat, Drink and Be Murray: A Feast of Family Fun and Favorites. The book is filled with personal recipes, anecdotes, pictures, and features a forward written by his famous elder sibling, actor Bill Murray.

Andy Murray grew up in large family in Wilmette where food and golf were two constants. The Murray family has made an indelible impact on golf as caddies, winning the Evans Scholarship, creating one of the most iconic golf movies of all-time (Caddyshack), Murray Brothers Caddyshack Restaurant, charity golf events and even winning the 2011 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro Am.

In this conversation with Andy we discuss:

  • How growing up with eight siblings in Wilmette shaped Andy’s career aspirations
  • The unlikely series of events that led to the book Eat, Drink and Be Murray
  • What it’s like to go grocery shopping with brother Bill Murray the night before Thanksgiving
  • How winning the Evans Scholarship impacted brother Ed and the entire Murray family
  • Why the lessons learned caddying at Indian Hill Golf Club shaped the entire Murray family
  • Which Big Ten school Andy enjoys supporting
  • Why food can often be the great equalizer
  • The secret foods to lower scores on the golf course
  • Which food brother Brian Murray swears by for maximum performance on the golf course
  • How the Murray brothers initially became involved with Canal Shores Golf Course
  • How the local charity golf outing created by brother Joel Murray came about
  • Why the Murray family might be considered among the most impactful in Chicago golf history


Walter Lis

Walter Lis is the managing editor of Chicago Golf Report. Launched in 2010, Chicago Golf Report is the most visited website on Chicago golf and is one of the top ten most popular local golf websites in the country. We are a digital-only news and information resource covering everything golf in Chicago and its suburbs, providing the latest news about local golf facilities, golf events, golf instruction and even golf business.

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