Golf Nation Welcomes “GolfBarons” to Its Streaming Service

Exciting news for golfers and lifestyle aficionados alike: Golf Nation, the trailblazing golf-lifestyle video entertainment network, has brought Australia’s most beloved golf show, “GolfBarons,” directly to its platform. This announcement marks a significant moment for fans of the sport, offering 48 episodes of unparalleled golf entertainment spanning four thrilling seasons.

What sets Golf Nation apart is its revolutionary shoppable video technology. Imagine watching “GolfBarons” and seeing a set of clubs or a stylish golf shirt you must have. Thanks to Golf Nation’s innovative platform, viewers can now instantly purchase these products without ever needing to leave the episode. It’s an immersive experience that blends the excitement of golf with the convenience of online shopping.

“GolfBarons” is not your average golf show. It’s known for its off-the-cuff humor, engaging storytelling, and deep dive into the golfing lifestyle. The show brings together a mix of wild on- and off-course adventures, breathtaking golfing trips, in-depth swing analysis, psychological golfing strategies, and the latest in golfing gear and gadgets. With the charismatic trio of Shooter, Philbert, and Kippa at the helm, the show has captured the hearts of viewers with its genuine love for the game and infectious laughter, making these hosts household names in the Australian golf community.

For those who can’t get enough, the good news is that “GolfBarons” episodes will be available in perpetuity on Golf Nation’s website, its Android app, through VIZIO WatchFree+ on channel 1350, and on-demand. Fans can also catch select episodes on the Spirits Network, Golf Nation’s sister channel, with plans to expand to the Golf Nation iOS app, Apple TV, and more streaming platforms in the near future.

Suzy Whaley, President of Golf Nation and former President of the PGA of America, shared her excitement about the partnership, stating, “The philosophy of ‘GolfBarons’ deeply resonates with us at Golf Nation. We believe that golf is more than just a game; it’s a lifestyle that appeals to a diverse global audience. We’re confident that this series will quickly become a fan favorite in the U.S.”

Golf Nation

Damian Schutie, the creative force behind “GolfBarons,” echoed this sentiment, highlighting the synergies between the show’s mission and Golf Nation’s innovative approach to merging entertainment with interactive shopping. This collaboration promises to introduce the beauty and joy of golf to a broader audience, making it an exciting development for both parties involved.

Since its preview in December 2022, Golf Nation has already made waves with its inaugural season of original, commercial-free shows produced by NBTV Studios. Featuring celebrities and influencers, the platform has amassed millions of streams, quickly becoming a favorite among investors and fans alike.

Golf Nation, envisioned by the minds at NBTV Channels and NBTV Studios, aims to revolutionize the golfing world much like HGTV and Food Network have transformed their respective industries. With its unique watch-buy-play approach, Golf Nation offers brands a direct-to-consumer marketing avenue, complete with precise analytics, all within a commercial-free environment.

For more information about the innovative world of Golf Nation and to dive into the engaging universe of “GolfBarons,” visit their websites at and



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