Jim Fannin – The World’s #1 Coach of Champions

Our guest this episode on The Chicago Golf Report podcast is Jim Fannin, a renowned peak performance coach and mental game expert who has spent over five decades helping athletes, executives, and individuals reach their full potential. Known as the “World’s #1 Coach of Champions,” Fannin has guided numerous clients, including A-Rod and Frank Thomas, to achieve their own “Mount Everest” by providing tailored coaching and strategies to enhance their mental toughness, focus, and overall performance.

With his deep understanding of the human mind and its impact on performance, Fannin has become a leading authority in the field of mental coaching and sports psychology. As the creator of the S.C.O.R.E.® Success System, Fannin has developed a proven methodology to help clients tap into their inner strengths, eliminate worry, and maximize their potential.

His unique approach to coaching includes harnessing the power of visualization, staying present, and fostering a positive mindset both on and off the field. With a passion for guiding individuals to reach their goals and an unwavering dedication to his clients’ success, Jim Fannin continues to inspire and empower people from all walks of life to achieve greatness in their personal and professional pursuits.

In this conversation with Jim we discuss:

  • Why mental toughness is essential for peak performance in sports and life
  • How finding a state of optimal performance can be triggered by a combination of confidence, relaxation, focus, trust, and enjoyment
  • The secrets to staying present and focusing on the next task for success
  • How worry can be virtually eliminated within 7-10 days with proper mental coaching
  • The vital role visualization plays in performance and how it can be enhanced by practicing proactive, synchronized, task, and situational imagery
  • Why the 30-minute window before sleep is an incredibly powerful time for programming the subconscious mind with positive or negative thoughts
  • The strategies Jim uses to help his clients reach their “Mount Everest” by designing a blueprint for success and holding them accountable for their progress
  • Why the game of golf provides a challenge greater than any other sport
  • What to expect from his new international headquarters and training center in Oakbrook Terrace


Walter Lis

Walter Lis is the managing editor of Chicago Golf Report. Launched in 2010, Chicago Golf Report is the most visited website on Chicago golf and is one of the top ten most popular local golf websites in the country. We are a digital-only news and information resource covering everything golf in Chicago and its suburbs, providing the latest news about local golf facilities, golf events, golf instruction and even golf business.

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