Look Good, Play Better Golf with Antigua

ANTIGUAMost golfers are pretty picky about their equipment, and I’m no exception. Everything from my clubs to my grips to my shoes to my ball marker has to feel right or I probably won’t perform to the best of my ability. I’m sure a great deal of that thinking is completely in my own mind, but it sure seems to come true more times than not.

This is especially true with my clothes. In my experience, the old saying “look good, play good” is really true. If my outfit makes me feel good, I have more confidence, which often translates into a better on-course performance. I’m a big believer in the power of dressing well to play great golf.

Finding clothes that fit right and perform well should be at the top of the list for anyone looking to improve their game. One of the sportswear brands that shares this philosophy is Antigua, one of the nation’s leading designers and marketers of lifestyle and golf apparel and one of my favorite companies in the golf business.

I’ve reviewed a few of their products previously and trust in the quality of their manufacturing process. This trust did not disappoint with their recent Spring 2017 Women’s Golf Collection, from which I tested the Sterling long sleeve, half-zip pullover.

The Antigua Sterling features a soft, peached jersey fabric and a space dye pattern for the insets. The space dye fabric incorporates two primary colors along with black and white, and also offers a new type of “heather” effect with the start and stop of the multi colored yarn.

ANTIGUAIt’s made with a 92% polyester, 8% spandex mix of moisture-wicking fabric that provides warmth in the cold weather months and relief from the heat during the summer. This is an awesome combination of performance that is tough to find. I’ll be wearing this pullover 12 months a months a year.

Founded in 1979, Antigua is known for their innovation and quality. They served as an official golf apparel licensee for 2015 US Solheim Cup team and they’re at the forefront of fashion, performance and simplicity in women’s sportswear. The 2017 line features bold colors mixed together to create a fresh new look.

“The 2017 ladies golf collection is a continuation of the simplicity that the 2016 line embodied,” said Danielle Dellios, Antigua women’s designer. “In the new collection, fabrics and colors play a key role versus styling and silhouette. The market was calling for a fresh take on primary color, which was made possible by mixing colors together. Thus, each grouping consists of two primaries. For example, our new green color, Cypress, is mixed with a bright blue color, Cabana. There are a total of four color combos, each mixing two primary colors. Every printed, striped or color blocked style within the collection mixes the two colors, instead of using traditional neutral accents like grey or khaki. Combining two complementary primary shades really pops. Prints are as strong as ever in the marketplace, which meant creating unique artwork that could also be used to mix colors and give new life to basic styles.”

It’s no coincidence that I’ve played some of my best golf wearing my favorite clothes. Having an outfit that makes me feel good is often a huge boost to my confidence and lower scores. I’m sure the Antigua Sterling pullover will provide a similar boost on and off the course.



Walter Lis

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