Product Review: 2Thumb Putter Grips

A rhetorical question from a bygone era asked if it was the influence of ‘the archer or the arrow’ that resulted in a bullseye. As we begin another golf season in Chicago a modern version of that rhetorical question might be was it the influence of ‘the puttee or the putter’ that resulted in the ball dropping into the hole.

The putter club consists of three parts, head, shaft, and grip, each of which could be the significant portion of the influence that caused the ball to drop into the hole. Today’s article reviews a new product line that connects your hands to the all important top-third of putter parts, the grip.

Matt Wallace

Matt Wallace

TwoThumb Grip is a British company that strives to make putting easier for golfers of all levels. They produce a range of ergonomically designed putter grips that aid grip alignment, help prevent grip twist and ensure an easily repeatable stroke. TwoThumb putter grips have been available for a number of years in England and across Europe. It was announced at the 2022 PGA Merchandise Show that former Super Stroke owner, Darin Dingman, will be launching TwoThumb Grip North America and heading up all operations including product design, marketing, advertising, operations, and sales.

Dingman, who sold Super Stroke in 2015, took a six-year hiatus from the golf business and has now set his sights on achieving the same success with the TwoThumb Putter Grip as he did with Super Stroke nearly a decade ago. “I’ve had my eye on the TwoThumb Putter Grip for a long time now,” said Dingman. “I always liked the innovative design of their grip and knew the TwoThumb Putting Technique they developed could help reduce the twisting that plagues so many amateur golfers out there. They’ve already had a lot of success with this grip in Europe and I was just waiting for the right time to launch it here in the U.S. That time is finally here. I’m excited to be back and look forward to taking this company to the next level.”

Professional tour golfers from England, and others from across the DP World Tour (European Tour) have known about and used TwoThumb putter grips for several years. And now TwoThumb putter grips have made their way to the PGA Tour. Three golfers with PGA Tour status who now use TwoThumb grips are:

Christiaan Bezuidenhout, OWGR# 53, exempt via Top 50 from 2020-21 Korn Ferry Tour (thru 2021-22), using the TwoThumb Snug SQ 30; Matt Wallace, OWGR# 107, exempt via Top 125 in 2020-21 FedExCup standings (thru 2021-22), using the TwoThumb OG Taper; and, Matthew NeSmith, OWGR# 279, exempt via Top 125 in 2020-21 FedExCup standings (thru 2021-22), using the TwoThumb OG Taper Lite. Additionally, 2020 European Ryder Cup Team member, Bernd Wiesberger, OWGR# 71 is currently using the TwoThumb Snug Tour 24 and Snug Tour 27.

TwoThumb Grips

TwoThumb Grips

Harking back to the modern version of the rhetorical question ‘putter? or puttee?’, for discussion purposes here’s a look at the current (mid-March, 2022) PGA Tour putting statistics of Christiaan Bezuidenhout:

One-putt percentage of 40.74% (264 holed of 648 first putt attempts); three-putt avoidance percentage of 1.39% (9 total 3-putts out of 648 attempts).

The TwoThumb Putter Grip company philosophy is simply stated, “We’re dedicated to improving your putting.” They believe that putting is the single most important skill in golf. The connection point or contact area between the player and the putter is of course the grip which by default makes it of critical importance; this is where TwoThumb’s innovative and patented designs make a real difference to players of all levels.

TwoThumb grips were invented by putting coach and golf professional Mr. Phillip Gazely, whose design purposes were to improve alignment, minimize grip twist, and reduce excess grip pressure in order to achieve a consistent and repeatable stroke.

TwoThumb grip styles

TwoThumb grip styles

The TwoThumb line of grip products which are presently available in North America include six models. Most models offer different cross-section dimensions and / or length options, which brings the total up to 18 available grip products. All eighteen can be purchased in either black or white. The material composition for 16 of the 18 grips is the lightweight EVA Core with PU Ultra Tac wrap. The SNUG TOUR 24 and OG TAPER models use the heavier rubber core. All TwoThumb putter grips have a .580 core diameter; all TwoThumb models are USGA and R&A legal. TwoThumb Grip North America now has the complete line of 18 putter grips available as of March 15, 2022.

The TwoThumb website contains images of all its current products and offers website visitors a quick grip selector questionnaire to suggest which TwoThumb product might most closely suit their personal putting style. The TwoThumb website is the avenue to purchase TwoThumb putter grips. (Photo credits and courtesy: Two Thumb Grip and PGA TOUR).



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