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PUTTBREAKSBYgolflogixWe all know that golfers on the PGA Tour play a different game than the rest of us. At the very least, Tour players have a caddy for every round, helping them with multiple aspects of the game, including reading greens.

Recently the use of green-reading books or green-reading materials has been called into question as to whether these materials slow down play. Whether they slow down play seems to depend a lot on the player in question.

However, all Tour players agree on the importance of green reading and most place a tremendous emphasis on their and their caddy’s time into indentifying how the ball will move on the putting surface. In fact, Phil Mickelson recently commented on the importance of his green reading book by saying, “Let me add the countless hours and many days it saves me preparing for tournaments throughout the year. The book gives me info on where I can/can’t miss it and still get up and down as well as best approach shot into the green without having to play multiple practice rounds.”

For those of us who play the majority of our rounds without a consistent caddy on our bag, it’s a good idea to leverage technology to help us improve our chances on the green. That’s where a tool like the new Putt Breaks feature on the GolfLogix app really comes in handy.

We’re talking about an augmented reality engine that provides green contour maps by automatically orienting from wherever you’re physically standing on the green. Just touch your phone screen to indicate where the hole is, and it immediately provides an extremely accurate green read by displaying every contour of your putt in stunning 3-D color detail.

With over 4 million users worldwide, the GolfLogix app was already extremely popular by providing information such as GPS shot distances to a massive audience of golfers. Now it can help you read your putt in seconds with a map that orients itself to your location on the green. It’s like having a professional caddy in the palm of your hand.

Even before you get to the green the GolfLogix app is providing value by allowing you to zoom and pan to see the green map on your approach from every angle. Where should you hit your approach shot? Ask the app. What should you avoid on your approach shot? Ask the app.

Once you’re on the green, just draw a line from the ball to the cup to see how your putt will break. The GolfLogix app offers 35,000+ interactive 3D course maps. Virtually every golf course in the country is mapped to help your game.

With easy to record in-round pro-level stats and scoring, you can analyze your stats and scores for every hole and round. GolfLogix also offer its patented club tracking for the location and distance of every shot.

Add in the the revolutionary Putt Breaks feature and it’s like having a caddy and stats guru on the payroll. From tee to green, the GolfLogix app provides ground-breaking technology and information to help you reduce strokes and play better golf.


Walter Lis

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