Radmor’s Spring Collection Makes A Fashion Impact

“Prepare for impact” is a three word phrase that airline passengers never want to hear spoken by the pilot. But ‘Radmor’s Spring Collection’ is a three word phrase that golf fashionistas want to hear when they prepare to make a visual impact both on and off the course in the presence of their golfing mates.

Radmor is a golf apparel company that was founded in February 2021 by Scott Morrison and Bob Conrad, two guys that were teammates in the 1990’s on the University of Washington men’s golf team. After graduating in 1995, Conrad tried his hand on tour for six years, while Morrison plunged into the apparel business, joining Paper Denim and Cloth, an upscale women’s denim-clothing company. Radmor is headquartered in Seattle, WA.

Morrison and Conrad are not only good golfers, they are also good ‘earth-citizens’ who are mindful about what materials they use in the production of their line of golf attire. Radmor Golf claims to be the first brand to eliminate the use of virgin polyester in their products.

Radmor Men's Collection

Radmor Men’s Collection

Radmor makes use of cotton as the primary fabric in its polos, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, shorts, pants and caps. Morrison and Conrad have informed the media that “Less than 10% of our (production) materials are synthetic, and when we use a polyester or nylon in our outerwear or technical garments, we are using only certified recycled ocean plastics (bottles) or fish-netting.

Everything from our packaging to our woven labels, all are recycled and recyclable, and even our hangtags are designed to be used as a practice cup and ball marker once they have been removed from the garment. It is all by design.”

Now into their third year in business, the Radmor designers have introduced their 2023 Spring New Beginnings Collection to make a fashion statement with impact on the golf apparel sector. Examples from the 2023 Mens New Beginnings Collection are: Taylor Plantae Print, Taylor Floral Drip, Bobrad Print, and Crosby Reverb. New styles for women include: Lauren Retro, the Olivia Sleeveless Zip, and the Hannah Pleated Skort.

Radmor Women's Collection

Radmor Women’s Collection

Radmor golf apparel is available for purchase at its Seattle retail store, at select Nordstrom stores, at 30 golf courses (mostly West Coast), and via its own website and a secondary online seller Fairway Styles.

For those apparel customers whose preferences desire clothing where style is encouraged and comfort is mandatory, Radmor’s Spring Collection can certainly fill the bill. For additional information about Radmor items, including complete descriptions and sizing, check out the entire line of Radmor products including polos, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, shorts, pants and caps at radmorgolf.com. (All photos, courtesy / credits: Radmor Golf).


Greg Miles

Greg Miles has been a writer following golf in Chicago since 1990. For the past 30 years he has been a member of the Golf Writers Association of America and currently is classified as a GWAA "Life Member". He played his first round of golf on his 11th birthday, and since then has played more than 7,300 rounds of golf in his lifetime at 517 different courses. He has interviewed more than 280 golfers across all the professional tours along with famous celebrity golfers. Additionally, he is a member of several other competitive and honorary golf associations, as well as the Golf Nut Society.

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