SuperSpeed Golf Goes Supersonic at 2015 PGA Show

SUPERSPEED_GOLFSuperSpeed Golf, an offshoot of Lincoln Park-based Catalyst Golf Performance, evolved out of a need to squeeze more speed out of their client-athletes. Long Drivers, such as ReMax World Long Drive Competitor Connor Powers, rely on their Herculean swing speeds to compete with the best in the world.

So, how do you train someone to swing a driver at speeds they have never experienced? Make the driver lighter, according to Co-founder Joe Sheren.

“Overspeed training has been around a long time” says Sheren. “Rotational sports such as baseball and hockey have used it with great success. We modified the successful aspects of overspeed training in other sports and applied them to the golf swing.”

Overspeed training is the process of practicing with lighter-than-normal equipment, which helps condition the body to create new neuromuscular connections that enable it to function at increasingly faster speeds. SuperSpeed Golf utilizes a progressive training system that consists of three weighted clubs: 20% lighter, 10% lighter, and 5% heavier than the average driver.

Combined with SuperSpeed’s eighteen training protocols and the expert coaching of the company’s founding members, Sheren, Mike Napoleon, Tommy Asuma, and Kyle Shay, Powers was able to increase his swing speed by 18% and clock the fastest swing speed ever recorded: 156 mph. Clients often see an immediate impact after just one training session. “But we recommend training for 15 minutes per day, 3 days per week for maximum results,” according to fitness expert and co-founder Asuma.

The SuperSpeed team debuted its product in Fall 2014 at the World Golf Fitness Summit, where it received such high praise from Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), the event’s primary sponsor, that TPI agreed to sell it as part of their TPI Affiliate Network.

SUPERSPEED_GOLF_CLUBThe true test came during January’s PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. Featured as a new product, SuperSpeed Golf gained tremendous exposure and fanfare. Several Top 100 instructors, including Golf Channel’s Martin Hall, purchased a set and were eager to help their students increase their speed.

Though it was a hit with instructors, consumers also gravitated toward the product due to its promise of increased distance. “If this thing can keep me from losing yardage against my playing partners, let me buy two”, exclaimed one show attendee, adding “Just make sure you don’t sell any to my friends.”

SuperSpeed Golf is a nice option for consumers to increase their speed and distance without the need to purchase a new driver. “You could spend $400 on a new driver or you could spend half that on a SuperSpeed set and get better results out of what you already have in the bag,” said co-founder Napoleon.

SuperSpeed Golf offers four variations of their training set: three-club Men’s, Women’s, and Junior sets and a four-club Coaching Pack. The Coaching Pack offers an additional Yellow club, which is 20% lighter than the average light flex driver.

The SuperSpeed Team hopes to carry the PGA Show momentum into the 2015 golf season and is offering a special deal for Chicago Golf Report readers. Use coupon code: CGR15 to get a 10% discount on your order and access to all of the SuperSpeed training protocols. Unleash Your Speed on Chicagoland courses this Spring.


Tim Presecky

Tim is a Certified Personal Trainer and Titleist Performance Institute Certified professional with a background in operations and experience working with Wilson Sporting Goods, the Western Golf Association, and the Illinois Junior Golf Association. He is an Evans Scholar Alumnus who graduated from the University of Illinois in 2010 with a degree in Recreation, Sport, and Tourism. Tim currently assists in an operational capacity with SuperSpeed Golf.

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