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Enabling users to see their swing path every time they swing a club, the Divot Board is a patented low point and swing path validator that displays visual evidence of the clubhead’s travels to the bottom of its arc. The process to use this product is easy and simple — swing the club, contact the Divot Board, and observe the markings created and left on the special pad. The markings retained on the Divot Board are ‘clues’ as to the wrongs or rights of the user’s golf swing. And in the event that some classic TV police detectives had been golfers themselves, it would come as no surprise that the Divot Board would be the favorite training aid of Sergeant Joe Friday, Kojak, or Lt. Columbo. As all good detectives strive to find answers to the “5-W’s” — who, what, where, when, why — let us proceed with further investigation into the Divot Board with “just the facts, ma’am”. divot-board-demo The Divot Board can be used anywhere, any time, by anyone who can swing a golf club. The Divot Board measures 6″W x 21″L x 1/2″D. The board’s mat is 3/8″ thick with nubs on the underside that hold it snugly in place on indoor carpets, or, outdoor range mats. The spacing of the bottom nubs allow the Divot Board to settle into carpeting, mats, and / or turf, producing a low profile with minimal additional elevation. The Divot Board weighs less than two pounds, making it so lightweight and movable you can take it anywhere; a karabiner clip is included to hang the board onto a golf bag. The Divot Board’s operation does not require the use of a golf ball, thus making it useful both indoors and outdoors; should the user prefer hitting golf balls off of the Divot Board, the board easily supports regulation golf balls and lighter weight practice golf balls. ‘Re-useability’ is the genius or magic of the Divot Board. Gently swiping the pad in the opposite direction by hand or with the clubhead will erase the previous swing-path tracing and readies the board for another swing. divot board feedback Educators inform us that there are four core methods of learning which include visual, auditory, reading, and kinesthetic; the Divot Board is a hands-on learning tool and thus falls into the kinesthetic category . An important ingredient in any learning process is feedback, which is more readily achieved in the kinesthetic method than in the other three methods. emily-faulkner The design of the Divot Board product makes it an immensely effective and immediate golf swing feedback tool; the feedback is instantaneous, no delays whatsoever. So if you look down after making a less than optimal swing, the Divot Board will reveal evidence of a bad swing that resembles a crime against humanity. Conversely, if you put down a good swing which obeys the laws of physics, the positive visual feedback shown on the Divot Board could have you smiling, saying “Who loves ya’, baby!” To lessen wear and tear on your Divot Board’s mat, if you are headed out to the driving range for a lengthy practice session, after hitting a shot off the Divot Board switch to hitting shots off the driving range mat or turf; then, alternate these locations as desired. After extended use, you may want to replace the mat on your Divot Board; replacement mats available for sale without having to purchase an entire new board. As a result of its innovative design, the offering of immediate visual feedback, and positive reviews from golfers, the Divot Board was named by as its ‘Product of the Year’. “Ahh, just one more thing…where can I purchase a Divot Board?” Answer, visit their website. (Photo credits / courtesy:

Divot Board

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  • Divot Board may be used right or left-handed for any level player

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