Chicago-based Swingbyte Helping Golfers in 3D

SWINGBYTEWith smartphone penetration now over 50% in the United States, the market is ripe for inventors and entrepreurs who can take advantage of the technologies available within these powerful devices. One Chicago-based company is doing just that by helping golfers visualize their golf swing in 3D directly on their mobile devices with a unique new golf training aid.

The product is called Swingbyte and it consists of a small lightweight sensor that attaches to the shaft of any golf club – including your putter. The sensor communicates directly with any Apple or Android mobile device via Bluetooth connection. Once paired, your Swingbyte will transmit the results of your golf swing immediately to your smartphone or tablet, where you can see exactly what your swing looks like.

This amazing technology was created in 2010 by three University of Chicago Booth School of Business partners, Alex Pedenko, Brian Payne and Nathan Wojtkiewicz, whose goal was to help golfers learn the game by providing better feedback on what’s actually happening in their swing. Pedenko, the technology expert, worked dilligently with Payne and Wojtkiewicz to build a product and a business that could accomplish this goal.

Pedenko’s early efforts were assisted by the business savvy and golf swing expertise of Brian Payne, the 2002 Illinois Open Champion and winner of the 2001 Aliant Cup in St. John’s, Newfoundland on the Canadian Professional Golf Tour. Payne worked with Pedenko to refine the data and information provided by the Swingbyte to help golfers learn what’s making an impact on their golf swing.

Together with operations expert Wojtiewicz, the three Chicagoans have created a simple, but spectacular product that made a big splash earlier this year at the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. Following the show, Swingbyte was named one of the “12 Coolest Items” at the show by Golf Digest. Swingbyte was also named a top three winner of the Chicago Booth 2011 New Venture Challenge – a top student business plan competition.

Swingbyte provides a rendering of the golf swing from any angle, along with detailed statistics of the swing such as club head speed and impact angle. The Swingbyte information and graphics are a perfect individual golf improvement tool, but golf instructors will love it as well, now having a rendering of the golf club’s exact plane from address to impact.

Swingbyte is now available and can be ordered online for $149 at the Swingbyte website. The Swingbyte app is available on both the iOS and Android platforms.


Walter Lis

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