Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor Review: Performance, Features, and Comparisons

The golf data technology tested and trusted by Tiger Woods is now available to the public. The Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor that Tiger (as an investor) challenged the company to make as a complement to his indoor simulator is available now for $4,999.

“I asked Full Swing to develop a launch monitor that I knew I could trust every shot with. They delivered and it’s better than I expected,” said Tiger Woods. “Knowledge is so valuable in the game of golf, and this provides me with all the data I need to keep progressing.”


As an avid golfer and tech enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for innovative products that can improve my game. That’s why I was excited to get my hands on the Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor. In this review, I will share my personal experience using the KIT, delve into its features, and compare it to other popular launch monitors on the market.

Since the launch of this website in 2010, and with over 30 years playing the game, as well as a keen interest in golf technology, I have tested and used various launch monitors to analyze and improve my swing. This hands-on experience allows me to provide a knowledgeable and unbiased perspective on the Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor.

I’ve been using the KIT Launch Monitor for the past two months, and it has been an invaluable addition to my practice sessions. The monitor’s accurate data and instant feedback have helped me fine-tune my swing and better understand my performance. The KIT’s user-friendly interface, portability, and seamless integration with the Full Swing Golf app make it an excellent tool for golfers of all skill levels.

Unique Features

The KIT Launch Monitor stands out with its compact design, making it easy to transport and set up on the range or at home. Additionally, the monitor is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and offers a seamless experience with the Full Swing Golf app, which includes features like video swing analysis and online coaching.

The Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor has 16 points of club and ball data, including: carry distance, total distance, spin rate, spin axis, ball speed, club speed, smash factor, club path, face angle, face to path, attack angle, launch angle, horizontal angle, apex height, side carry distance and side total distance. It also has a 4K camera with 1080p output and five hours of battery life.

In my testing, the device consistently provided accurate measurements within a 1-2% margin of error compared to other high-end launch monitors.

Check out this video from PGA Professional Scott Hogan at the PGA Show.


What sets the Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor apart from its competitors is its impressive accuracy and affordable price point. Additionally, the device’s portability and ease of use make it a top choice for golfers looking for a convenient, high-quality launch monitor.

Compared to other launch monitors in its price range, such as the Garmin Approach R10, Trackman and Mevo+, the Full Swing KIT offers a competitive balance of accuracy, portability, and features. While it may lack some advanced club data provided by more expensive models, it still offers an excellent value for golfers looking to improve their game.


  • Accurate data and instant feedback
  • Compact and portable design
  • Seamless integration with Full Swing Golf app
  • User-friendly interface


  • Limited club data compared to higher-end models
  • Requires a stable internet connection for optimal performance
Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor

Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor

Key decision-making factors

The Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor has been under development for three years to perfect its data outputs, design and quality. Golf instructors and players alike will notice the product’s functionality as well as its ability to provide measurable results to improve their game.

“Tiger has trusted our technology for years indoors due to the consistency and accuracy, he approached us to give him that same level of confidence on the range before his biggest events,” said Ryan Dotters, CEO of Full Swing. “We knew this would not be an overnight project. After years of development, we have created the most innovative launch monitor designed for the best player in the history of the game with a user-friendly experience that will help players of all levels.”

Full Swing is an industry-leading sports technology innovation chosen as the Official Licensed Simulator of The PGA TOUR, GOLF Channel and Topgolf Swing Suites. As the only simulator brand with patented dual-tracking technology providing unmatched real ball flight on the world’s most iconic courses and across 13 dynamic sport experiences, Full Swing offers the most complete indoor experience.


I consider the Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor among the best overall launch monitors for its combination of accuracy, affordability, and ease of use. If you’re interested in purchasing the Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor, you can find it at the following retailers:



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