Hit More Fairways With the Air Force One Air Foil 3-Wood

af1-3-wood-clubIt’s a club that nearly everyone has in their bag, but many of us hardly ever use. That was until, Henrik Stenson made it popular by using if off the tee to win the Open Championship on the rolling fairways of Royal Troon.

The club that I’m referring to is the 3-wood. It’s the baby brother of the driver, historically the most popular club of golfers around the world. Henrik Stenson shot an 8-under 63 in a classic duel with Phil Mickelson to win his first major title at 2016 The Open Championship, primarily hitting missiles off the tee using his trusty 3-wood.

Most of us haven’t given the 3-wood a chance, opting for the potential of a few more yards courtesy of the driver. Unfortunately, the driver is also that club that most often gets us amateurs into trouble. Which is why Stenson’s success with the 3-wood has reminded many of us of the value of finding the fairway, while still picking up distance.

To that end, I recently tested the new Air Force One Air Foil Fairway Woods that were recently introduced. I reviewed the Air Force One driver previously and was hoping to achieve similar positive results with this new 3-wood.

The Air Force One was one of the easiest drivers to hit that I’ve tested. It has a big sweet and is easy to control, which is no small task for someone like myself with a long, looping swing.

Like the driver, the Air Force One Air Foil 3-wood that I tested is filled with Nitrogen. This 3-wood features a dual slot wave design in the clubface which creates an accordion effect. The thin face flexes inward at impact, initiating a buildup of Nitrogen pressure inside the clubhead. As the clubface is thrust back to its original position at a high velocity, a trampoline effect takes place, generating increased ball speed and longer distance.

af1-3-wood-clubIt took me a couple swings to get used to the dual slot design of the club head, but once I was comfortable, finding the sweet spot became abnormally easy. You can definitely feel the trampoline effect, which the USGA has historically frowned upon. However, the smile on my face after launching a rocket down the middle of the fairway with the Air Force One Air Foil 3-wood should be proof enough of the happiness this club provides.

In addition to the 15-degree 3-wood, Air Force One offers a 19-degree 5-wood that also helps shots get airborne quickly and easily. The club design for both the 3-wood and 5-wood helps to increase how fast the face flexes at impact, promoting faster ball speed, which promotes consistently longer distance on every swing.

“The Air Force One brand is known for producing easy-to-hit equipment that increases ball speed for more distance,” said Air Force One President Ross Kvinge. “Our brand is known for producing easy-to-hit equipment that increases ball speed for more distance. One thing we see is average players having a difficult time getting fairway wood shots up in the air. Thus, our goal in the Air Foil dual slot wave design and independent testing shows we achieved our goal. Add in the nitrogen charged technology and we gave the new Air Foil a one-two punch for increased distance and accuracy.”

Priced at $199.99 with tour grade shaft options, or at $149.99 with an Air Force One Fujikura shaft, the Air Foil fairway woods employ an edge-to-edge sweet spot that greatly enhances forgiveness on off-center hits. The company also prides itself on its custom fitting and consumer guarantee (30-day performance guarantee) to ensure ultimate satisfaction on the course.

I found the Air Force One Air Foil 3-wood easy to hit off the fairway and significantly longer than my current technology. Best of all, they’re a great choice of the tee, helping you hit more fairways while feeling like you’re winning The Open Championship.


Walter Lis

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