JCR RL350 Golf Bag Product Review

JCR RL-350The importance of engineering in the golf world can’t be understated. Technology and refinements in golf clubs and golf ball manufacturing have dramatically expanding the limits of what top golf professionals can achieve.

Although not as highlighted as much, engineering improvements have also produced major improvements for golf bags. A great example of this is the RL350 stand bag from JCR, Inc.

As the popularity of walking has increased, so has the desire for a high-functioning stand bag. Look no further than the RL350, which has been designed with just about everything and anything in mind.

It’s obvious no detail has gone into this bag without serious consideration. Pick up the empty bag and you’re shocked not only by the featherweight 3.8 lbs, but also the perfect balance of the bag. It feels great on your shoulder due to the four-point dual strap with padded center hub and walks exceptionally well, even when stuffed with 14 clubs and full compartments.

JCR RL-350Speaking of compartments, the RL350 from JCR comes with 7 pockets, all of which have a specific form and function that was designed to help you get the most out of the bag and the most out of your round. A great example of this is the clear smart phone pocket that allows you to easily access your phone – while it’s in the bag.

In addition to a spacious velour-lined valuables pouch, there are zip off bottom side and ball pockets. And don’t forget about the sleeves. There’s an insulated hydration sleeve, as well as sleeves for your score card, marker pen, divot tool and even your range finder.

I have to admit, there’s a certain level of comfort knowing the designer of this bag thought of just about every detail, including a key clip in the clothing pocket. Since there’s a place for just about everything, you’ll definitely want to make sure you use each compartment for what it was designed for.

JCR RL-350Did we mention that the RL-350 is customizable? There are two optional imprint areas – one on the side and one of the ball pocket.

Although the RL350 is extremely light, it’s definitely built to last, featuring a sturdy aluminum leg system with leg lock option and integrated stand. There’s also a five-way air mesh cushioned full length divider top that makes it exceptionally easy insert and extract clubs on the go.

The front and bottom lift handles come in handy when moving the bag in and out of your trunk. Once the bag is on your shoulder, the combination of balance and light weight makes it feel like it was designed for you. The RL350 from JCR was definitely engineered to perfection, which is great news for golfers.


Walter Lis

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