Product Review: Sunice FlexVent Waterproof Jacket

One of the biggest variables in golf is the weather. Here in the Midwest, we’re used to dramatic changes in temperature, humidity, wind and precipitation on the golf course.

When the barometer drops and weather patterns change mid-round, it’s often the most prepared golfer who can adjust to the changing conditions and keep a good round going. PGA Tour players have the benefit of a caddy to manage their equipment, allowing the golfer to focus strictly on themselves and their game.

For those of us without a full-time caddy on the bag, a great place to start when preparing for inclement weather is to have an effective and efficient waterproof jacket. With that goal in mind, I recently tested the Sunice FlexVent Kern Waterproof Jacket, which comes with a four-year waterproof guarantee.

Sunice has been around since 1976 and is known for their technical outerwear that features innovative design, durable construction and stylish design. The Sunice FlexVent Kern Waterproof Jacket is made from their exclusive FlexVent fabric, which feels a lot softer than traditional waterproof apparel.

I found the fabric exceptionally soft and extremely lightweight. Because of this, the jacket was much more quiet and provided significantly less restriction than typical rain jackets. The decrease in restriction is huge because it allowed me to forget that I was wearing a waterproof jacket – probably similar to what it feels like having a professional caddy on the bag.

In cold weather conditions, I’ve been a big fan of wearing my North Face Thermoball jacket, which causes virtually no restriction on my golf swing while providing tremendous warmth. I played numerous games at TopGolf during sub-20 degree cold this past winter thanks to my trusty Thermoball jacket.

I can now recommend the Sunice FlexVent jacket for similar low-restriction performance in warmer, wet conditions. This jacket feels like you are playing in loose sweatshirt, but you’re actually fully protected from the rain. The proprietary fabric technology in this jacket was developed with the sole focus of designing a rain garment that is engineered to play.

“As a designer, my challenge is to create a garment that will look sharp, be waterproof and all the while, give the player complete freedom of movement” said Sunice golf designer Micheline Gallant. “Obviously, you can’t have fun playing if your swing is hindered in any way. I think we have found the perfect solution with our Flexvent full stretch fabric. It delivers on all these points and as an extra-bonus, it’s super quiet.”

Another key benefit of the Sunice FlexVent Kern Waterproof Jacket is its breathability, which comes from a durable water repellent polymer. The jacket features an optimum inner micro climate and thermo regulation, allowing moisture from your body to evaporate and pass through the microscopic pores.

If you can’t afford a full-time caddy on the bag this season, I recommend the Sunice FlexVent Kern Waterproof Jacket. This jacket will keep you dry and allow you to stay focused on your game when the weather turns.



Walter Lis

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