Free Download: Pre-Round Golf Warmup Routine

step_with_rotationRace to the course, grab the clubs, slam the trunk, run to the pro shop, roll a few putts, then dart to the first tee. If this sounds familiar, you may be known as a “trunk slam” golfer. Trunk slammers don’t have or take the time to prepare their bodies for optimal performance, thus sacrificing strokes and exposing themselves to the potential for injury.

An effective warm-up prepares the golfer, both mentally and physically, for the upcoming round. It increases core and muscle temperature, as well as blood flow to areas of the body. According to the National Strength and Conditioning Association, a well-designed warm-up has the following impacts on performance:

  • Faster muscle contraction
  • Improvements in the rate of force development and reaction time
  • Improvements in muscle strength and power
  • Enhanced metabolic reactions

Proper warm-ups contain two phases: general & specific. General warm-ups consist of 5 to 10 minutes of slow activity. The specific phase is meant to replicate movements in a given sport. Blake Denney, of Oak Brook-based SMART Golf Fitness, designed a customized program for Chicagoland golfers dealing with the occasional cold-weather tee time.

Check out a couple samples below from The Dynamic Pre-Round Golf Warmup or click here to download the complete report with all ten warmups exercises.

Heel Toe Raises

  1. Press toes into ground, then lower
  2. Press heals into ground while flexing toes upward


Figure 4 Hip Stretch

Lift leg to hip height | Grasp ankle and knee/shin | Pull raised leg toward chest while activating the planted leg | Repeat both sides
Reps: 4


Tim Presecky

Tim is a Certified Personal Trainer and Titleist Performance Institute Certified professional with a background in operations and experience working with Wilson Sporting Goods, the Western Golf Association, and the Illinois Junior Golf Association. He is an Evans Scholar Alumnus who graduated from the University of Illinois in 2010 with a degree in Recreation, Sport, and Tourism. Tim currently assists in an operational capacity with SuperSpeed Golf.

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