TGA Premier Junior Golf Launches New Golf Club Line

TGA-PREMIER-GOLF-CLUBSWhat does it take to teach the game of golf to boys and girls? You can start with proper equipment, instruction and a place for them to play. These three components are vital to helping young people play just about any sport, especially golf.

Recently a Los Angeles company took a major step towards making the game more accessible to young people by becoming the only company in the golf industry to offer junior golf programming and equipment. TGA Premier Junior Golf, one of the nation’s leading introductory and recreational golf programs, has launched its own line of custom fit golf clubs for girls and boys.

With this new foray into golf equipment, TGA reaffirmed its commitment to growing the game through programming initiatives, while providing its own properly fitted golf equipment. “Since 2003 TGA has become a leading expert on introductory and recreational junior golf instruction,” said TGA founder and CEO, Joshua Jacobs. “By experiencing first-hand how juniors learn, swing and react to equipment, we have developed junior clubs that kids will find aesthetically pleasing and well-performing, which will further expand our expertise and credibility among our golf consumers.’

TGA-GOLF-CLUBS-SETTGA’s golf clubs look great and perform even better by utilizing premium golf equipment design technology and materials. They’re built to make the game easier for beginning and experienced junior golfers, allowing them to consistently hit more solid shots.

For the irons, designers distributed weight from the hosel towards the top-line of the club to improve the position of the club face at impact and to enlarge the sweet spot. For the woods, the TGA driver features a lightweight, hot-forged design and one of the largest club heads in the junior golf market.

“Our TGA equipment was created and designed with the ultimate focus group; junior golfers themselves along with junior golf instructors and PGA Professionals through enrichment programs at schools, camps, and leagues nationwide” said 30-year golf industry manufacturing veteran Ross Kvinge. “Through our equipment, junior golfers will have a fun experience, improve quicker, and become vested in the sport long-term.”

TGA Premier Junior Golf boxed sets are available in seven convenient and affordable color-coded sizes based on height with right and left handed options for both boys and girls making it convenient and affordable for parents to fit their junior golfer. Yellow for boys/girls under 3’, Orange for 3’-3’8, Red and Pink for 3’8-4’4, Blue and Lavender 4’4-5’ and Black for 5’-5’6.

The clubs are available through national retail outlets, golf facilities and online club sales through the TGA Equipment Shop on its website and retail from $89.99 – $149.99 depending on size and include 3-6 clubs, a stand bag, and head-covers. A percentage of each purchase will be donated to the TGA Sports Foundation. TGA is also offering a trade up program for families to keep their kids fitted properly.


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