The 15th Club in Your Bag Could Be Your Golf Shirt

AUR GOLFGolf is a game that is always affected by the playing conditions. Unlike sports that are played inside, every golf tournament and every round is played outside at the mercy of the weather.

A round of golf played in warm, humid conditions can force golfers to adjust their mindset and attitude on the golf course. I’m actually a fan of warm temperatures for golf because I’ve found that my body retains a bit more flexibility and fluidity than in cooler conditions. My pre-round stretches are easy and I’m able to maintain the rotation necessary in my swing throughout the day because my entire body is loose.

To be honest, I’m a bit biased towards the heat because I also practice Bikram Yoga, which is conducted in a hot room at 105 degrees Fahrenheit and about 40% humidty for 90 minutes. I’ve been practicing Bikram Yoga for a number of years and have found it be extremely helpful for improving my balance, flexibility and core strength – all vitally important components of the golf swing.

Although the heat might be good for the rythym of your golf swing, it can negatively impact your golf game if your clothes fail to perform well in sticky conditions. Wearing golf clothes that retain moisture and negatively affect your ability make a good pass at the ball could undermine your performance on the golf course.

To that end, I recently tested a couple golf shirts from the Spring 2015 collection from active golf sport brand AUR Golf. AUR Golf was created to celebrate the game of golf and provide all golfers with the confidence to perform and look their best. Based on my experience, they’ve passed this test with flying colors.

The design focus at AUR Golf emphasizes a refined, modern look by utilizing technical fabrics in a more sophisticated form. The women’s golf shirts that I tried in some pretty hot and steamy conditions performed exceptionally well by helping to wick away perspiration and sweat. However, they also looked just as good after the round as they did before the round.

“The AUR Golf brand continues to grow at a rapid pace,” said Mark Fletcher, President – Fletcher Sport Brands. “From Canada to Germany, to the United States and Spain, golf professionals and consumers looking for authentic golfsport apparel with a distinct modern aesthetic are turning to AUR Golf as their golf apparel brand of choice.”

“We are extremely excited to launch the Spring 2015 collection and are confident these season’s collection is the finest in the history of the brand,” said Brad Franklin, head of design. “Our goal for this season was to bring the consumer a collection that evokes emotion and excitement in the wearer through enhanced fabric offerings and the thoughtful use of color, patterns and prints.”

aur-womensThe Women’s Luminance Collection from AUR features an athletic, yet sophisticated racer-back design, with contrast placket and The Luminance Collection’s signature black enamel buttons. It’s constructed from AUR’s proprietary Active-Cool™ fabric, which makes this polo lightweight, breathable and provides excellent UV-protection. I found it the perfect polo for hot and humid summer days.

AUR also offers their Men’s Triumphant Collection, which is constructed from their proprietary Active-Stretch™ fabric. The shirts we tested in this style also had premium moisture-wicking technology as well as 4-way stretch for enhanced freedom of movement and comfort. Having a golf shirt perform this well in these types of conditions was a real eye-opener.

Until golf courses move indoors, golfers will need to be prepared for all types of weather conditions. Wearing golf apparel from AUR that performs this well is like having an extra club in the bag when you need it most.

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