Get Ready For Summer Sun on the Golf Course with BloqUV

bloq-uvAfter experiencing six months of winter, the last thing any Chicagoan typically thinks about is getting too much sun. In April, we’re usually vitamin D famished and craving the sun’s rays on our skin.

However, as with most good things, too much sun is never good. That’s why it’s always critical to be sun smart throughout the golf season. Preparation goes a long way to keeping yourself safe on the golf course.

In addition to skin protection in the form of sunscreen, you can protect your skin by choosing your clothing wisely. To that end, I recently tested a new long-sleeve polo that was built to save my skin from the ravages of the sun. To be honest, I’m usually skeptical about women’s golf apparel that tries to do too much. But in this case, I was pleasantly surprised.

bloq-uv-shirtI tested the new BloqUV long-sleeve polo, which was designed specifically for sun protection, providing UPF 50 protection while blocking 98% of the sun’s harmful rays. Even better, this top’s UV protection is built right into the fabric and does not wash away. Durability goes a long way in my book, especially since I like to wear my favorite tops… a lot.

Having this type of protection feels great, but I have to admit, the real star of this shirt is the super soft fabric that wicks away moisture and is anti-microbial. I did not expect a shirt that includes this much UV protection could feel so comfortable. I’ve found myself wearing this shirt on the course and at home as well because it’s that comfortable.

This BloqUV long-sleeve polo also features a self-fabric collar, four-button placket, and rounded back hem for extra coverage. The extra touches such as the elongated sleeves and flat seams speak to the quality and the craftsmanship that went into this really well-built shirt.

Despite all this technology, I also found the BloqUV long-sleeve polo quite figure flattering. The material is ultra lightweight, which helps it fit your body perfectly, even during really warm and humid conditions. I’ve worn and washed this shirt multiple times and it still looks great.

Overall, I’m quite impressed with this new entry from BloqUV. It provides quality, comfort and style along with sun protection and I can’t wait to use it often this summer in Chicago.



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