Why Chicagoans Love Their Golf Carts

chicago_golf_cartGolf carts have been around forever and have become an essential part of the game for Chicagoans. Golf carts are the vehicles that carry the clubs around when golfers are in lazy mode. But one great thing about them is that they are an extremely fun drive on the golf course and are even popular with people who don’t play golf.

Driving in a golf cart is popular because Chicagoans love to drive and if they can drive and swing golf clubs along the way then that’s a win/win because they get both sport and driving action. Yes, walking is the better, healthier option, but typically players will still live a healthy lifestyle playing golf while driving a golf cart because they’re getting exercise swinging the golf club. It takes a golfer’s entire body to hit a perfect golf shot which requires the synchronized motion of the arms, legs, hands and feet.

Another great attribute of golf carts is that in some locations, they can be street legal with traditional car features such as a radio, horn, turn signals, lights, etc. People love their cars and that’s one of the reasons why they love golf carts – especially younger drivers because they are easy to drive and usually safer. They can also be great practice vehicles if you are a rookie driver.

A major drawback about making a golf cart street legal or buying a street legal golf cart would be the lack of speed, making it tough to drive on roads that have a certain speed limit. Some golf carts can reach speeds of 35 mph which is not fast enough to use on many main roads. If anyone is going to drive a golf cart then they would probably need to limit their trips to a nearby golf course or a local GameStop store.

Golf carts can typically be fairly inexpensive to purchase, with prices ranging between $1,500 to $7,000. They also come in different styles with some replicating popular cars from Ford, Jeep and Cadillac. Many also feature stylish bodies, rims and tires.

Another drawback with street legal golf carts is that when they are put in reverse then they tend to make the embarrassing, loud beeping sounds like with many utility vehicles. Overall though, golf carts have been a terrific invention for the game of golf. They are affordable, fun to drive, stylish, and are great for people who want to hone their driving skills. Now if only they allowed scooters and trikes on the golf course!


Colin Mieczkowski

Colin has been writing in his notebook about mostly life and sports ever since he was about 12 years old but he didn't think about writing as much at the time because at that time his dream was to become a professional golfer on the PGA Tour but after trying out for the golf team one time (which didn't work out too good because the coach wasn't nice) and practicing on the Par 3 course at beautiful Randall Oaks Golf Club,he decided to take his passion for sports and the game of golf to the journalsitic side of the game. He knew he had the writing talent but his family was very impressed and that's what motivated him more to get into sportswriting. He loves all sports. Basketball was his first love, then football, then baseball and then golf in that particular order.He also follows a bit of hockey and soccer. But golf is still currently his number one favorite sport even though he got into golf just a short few years ago. His goal is to become a full time sportswriter and radio host or producer. Video games is another passion of his so video game journalism is defintley another field he wants to play on. Feel free to add him on Facebook!

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