Golf for Life Hosting 20th Annual Fundraiser

Golf for Life NFP will host its annual Golf Scramble on July 8 at Cog Hill Golf & Country Club in Lemont, marking the 20th anniversary of its commitment to mentoring and coaching youth. The organization serves as a unique resource that helps develop young and aspiring golfers through clinics, training, and workshops.

By using golf as a platform, Golf for Life NFP instills sustainable life values that enhance the success of participants throughout high school, college, and beyond. The organization also offers clinics, training sessions, and workshops to those who might not otherwise have the chance to learn this life-enriching sport.

GOLF-FOR-LIFE-GROUPFounded in 1988, Golf for Life began its clinic programs in 2004, operating during the summer and conducting weekend golf training sessions at various locations including Zigfield Troy Golf Course in Woodridge, Cantigny Golf Club in Wheaton, and the Mistwood Golf Dome in Bolingbrook. Over the years, it has introduced more than 1,000 students across the greater Chicagoland area to golf.

“Our annual fundraiser is vital to ensure we can continue our important work to provide access to golf for dozens of students each year, many who would otherwise never have access to this kind of opportunity,” said Anderson Smith, founder of Golf for Life. “Interest from students grows every year, and we are so grateful for our supporters so we can make it possible that every student who wants to join has the opportunity.”

Ayomide Coker is a Golf for Life graduate who began golfing in middle school, and through Golf for Life she was able to improve upon her skills. She played in high school, making the Varsity team after working with GFL to improve, then received a scholarship to Truman State University to attend a professional degree program. 

Ayomide Coker

Ayomide Coker

“Mr. Anderson Smith approached me and we struck up a conversation about Golf For Life” said Ayomide. “I had never heard of the organization before, but I was ecstatic to learn about an opportunity to learn more about this game that was growing on me. My parents would drop me off Saturday mornings at Zigfield Golf Course and other courses that were scheduled. Slowly but surely, my golf technique was improving. I was taking in all the advice I had received from the many volunteer coaches that saw something in me. I tried out again my sophomore year and I made the Varsity team. I remember my coach telling my mom, [It’s like night and day, She has really improved!].”

Imad Longi is a Pakistani immigrant who began with GFL when he was 7 years old and continued through high school, becoming a caddie. Because of his work as a caddie, he received the Chick Evans Scholarship, a prestigious and select scholarship program, that covered his tuition at Northwestern University in Chicago.

After college, he created a tech startup that uses AI technology in healthcare. His first encounter with GFL led to a lifetime appreciation for the sport, and paved the way for his success through college and post-grad.

“I see analogies between golf and life” said Imad. “You’re becoming an expert in some type of field, and golf was the field that Anderson introduced to all of us at a really young age. When I think of how this translates for adults, it’s about leaving places better than you found them, be patient with other people and with yourself, and other different life lessons.”

The Golf for Life program welcomes children as young as 7 to its weekly clinics, provided at no cost due to the generosity of donors, sponsors, and fundraising events like the Golf Scramble. Many alumni have taken their skills from these clinics to high school and college levels, underscoring the transformative impact of Golf for Life’s mission on personal development and future educational opportunities.



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