Mason Jones from TruGolf

Our guest this episode on The Chicago Golf Report podcast is Mason Jones, Vice President of Marketing at TruGolf. Whether you are looking to train, play, or compete online, TruGolf makes it possible to experience virtual golf with the most realistic and immersive golf simulators, launch monitors and software on the market at an unbeatable price.

In this conversation with Mason we discuss:

  • How the company now known as TruGolf got it start way back in the early 1980s
  • How LIDAR data is used to build remarkably accurate virtual golf courses using the E6 Connect Virtual Golf Software
  • Why a library of virtual plants, flowers and trees is necessary to create a virtual golf course
  • The unique benefits of camera based launch monitors
  • What technological improvements golfers can expect to see in the near future for indoor golf simulators
  • Why the cost for a home-based indoor golf simulator has dropped dramatically in recent years
  • The steps TruGolf is taking to improve the availability, affordability, and approachability of golf
  • What you need to install a golf simulator in your home


Walter Lis

Walter Lis is the managing editor of Chicago Golf Report. Launched in 2010, Chicago Golf Report is the most visited website on Chicago golf and is one of the top ten most popular local golf websites in the country. We are a digital-only news and information resource covering everything golf in Chicago and its suburbs, providing the latest news about local golf facilities, golf events, golf instruction and even golf business.

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